Arrowhead Lacrosse Club provides Youth Lacrosse program to teach and spread the sport in the Glendale, Peoria and North Phoenix communities.

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Wall ball involves a player, a stick, a ball and a surface that they can throw the ball against.  It is the key ingredient to developing great skills with a lacrosse stick, and every great lacrosse player in the world has spent thousands of hours throwing a ball against a wall. Anyone can become a good Lacrosse player. Wall ball is the great equalizer.  Nothing levels the playing field like wall ball. It is also the key to success that every single lacrosse player has at their disposal.


“You can never spend too much time on the wall. Never.” - Paul Rabil


“I can attest any crazy cool or clutch catches and goals to time spent on the wall because it's made me a lot more comfortable with my stick and I trust my stick skills a lot more as well.” - Tari Kandemiri